Disaster Assistance Overview

The mission of the State of Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management’s (DHS&EM) Disaster Assistance Section is to coordinate state and federal actions with local jurisdictions to assist affected communities in recovering from declared disasters. Through the division’s Individual Assistance (private property/shelter) and Public Assistance (public infrastructure) programs and activities, the Disaster Assistance Section works to provide supplemental assistance to affected areas and help them recover from a disaster as quickly as possible.

The Disaster Assistance team provides programmatic support in an efficient and timely manner throughout the disaster recovery process. Our staff facilitates recovery assistance for Individuals, State, Tribal and local governments, and certain types of Private Nonprofit organizations. Disaster Assistance personnel provide technical support to reduce costs, streamline the recovery process, and perform extensive liaison activities.

Disaster Assistance Points of Contact:

Sam Walton
Disaster Assistance Program Manager
(907) 428-7039
Mark Passmore
Individual Assistance Branch Chief
(907) 428-7057
Al Cavallo
Public Assistance Branch Chief
(907) 428-7051